Forget the adhesives

The first 30 days Cardiac Monitor with non adhesive electrodes. Control your rhythm whenever you need it.

Steps to start the remote support

Before starting the remote check you have the administrator permissions. Remember to request the remote support service before starting the remote support.

1. Download Anydesk file

Remember to request the administrator codes.

2. Launch Anydesk

Once the download is completed open the file to launch the program. Usually, the file will be inside the “Downloads” folder. You can also search for “soporte”. 

3. Copy and send the access code

Copy the numbers and send them to the remote support email.

4. Accept the remote control

It will appear a request to allow the remote control, please accept it. At the end of the remote support you will receive an email with the changes and results. 


If you cannot use anydesk please contact and request other remote protocol. is propriety of Nuubo.