Frequent Questions

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Patient HOOK-UP troubleshooting

Common questions during the device setup.

I connect NuuboREC to the computer but I cannot click Setup Nuubo.

Case 1. The USB has not enough power.

Solution 1. Connect the computer to the charger and try another USB port.

Case 2. The memory card has a different name.

Solution 2. Change the memory card´s name to Nuubo_SD

NuuboREC contains data from another Patient.

Case 1. The data from the previous Patient was not deleted after download.

Solution 1. Click Format in the caution message to delete the data and start setting up the new Patient.

Case 2. The data from the previous Patient is still pending to be downloaded.

Solution 2. Close the caution message and download the data. After that, erase the data and setup the Nuubo for the next Patient.

NuuboREC cannot connect to the computer via Bluetooth.

Case 1. The computer is using the internal Bluetooth antenna.

Solution 1. Skip the Bluetooth Signal Test and ask Customer Service to setup the Bluetooth antenna again.

Case 2. Nuubo Leonardo does not recognize the Bluetooth antenna

Solution 2. Connect the Bluetooth antenna and reopen the Nuubo Leonardo application. Setup NuuboREC again from the beginning.


Common questions during the monitoring.

Can I wash the Nuubo System?

The Nuubo System CANNOT be washed. Only Nuubo30 textile can be washed. Before washing Nuubo30 disconnect the NuuboREC and read the washing instructions.

Can I use any bra or clothes on top?

Yes. The Nuubo System has been designed to be used under any bra or other garment.

Can I exercise while wearing the Nuubo System?

Yes. Before doing sports, tighten the adjustable straps of Nuubo30 and cover NuuboREC with its protective sleeve. You cannot do watersports.

What if the Nuubo System warning indicator flashes orange when I am NOT wearing it?

If the warning indicator is flashing, this means that one or more electrodes are not connected.

Can I use a different gel?

No. Only use the conductive gel supplied by your Nuubo.


The charging icon is always orange

Let the device charging for 2 hours, if it doesn’t turn green then call customer service and ask for a replacement device. 

Is it normal to experience skin irritation or itchiness in the area of the Nuubo System?

Some patients have reported minor skin irritation and/or itching while wearing Nuubo System. Wash the skin with soap and plenty of water. Do not use the Nuubo System again until the irritation has disappeared. Then position the Nuubo30 so as to avoid the irritated area. Next, put on Nuubo30 avoiding the irritated area. Loosen the straps and add gel to the electrodes.

How do I know the Nuubo System is working?

The REC indicator (green light) flashes every 5 seconds indicating the Nuubo System is recording the ECG correctly.

What if the NuuboREC warning indicator flashes orange while I am wearing it?

Do not worry if the NuuboREC warning indicator changes to orange and starts to flash. There is no problem with your heart. This means that one or more electrodes are not in direct contact with your skin. If the battery charger icon is orange this means that the battery has less than 10% of life.

Can I use a dryer to dry the Nuubo30?

No. The dryer damages the Nuubo30. Hang the Nuubo30 out to dry.


Common questions during the data downloading.

How can I turn off NuuboREC?

Push and hold down the Event button for 3 seconds and then remove the Nuubo Memory Card.

Can I use the USB cable to download the data from the device?

Yes, but the data transmission rate is slower than connecting the Memory Card directly to the computer using the Memory Adapter.

Can I download the data to a different computer (setup computer)?

Yes., you can.

Can I add the log episodes during the analysis?

Yes, you can.

Can I modify the episodes analysis parameters during the analysis?

Yes. You can modify those parameters at any time.

Can I reuse the Nuubo Memory Card with another NuuboREC device?

Yes, you can but remember to setup the device before using it with a new Patient.


Common questions during the analysis.

Can I export the ECG data to another application?

No, you cannot.

Can I export the RR data to another application?

No, you cannot.

Can I add beats manually?

Yes, you can.

Can I remove the noise marked by the application?

No, you cannot.

Can I take measurements on the ECG?

Yes, you can.

Can I merge episodes?

Yes. To do this create a new episode containing the small episodes, the application automatically removes the small episodes from it.

How is a Pause determined?

Any beat with a RR higher than 2 seconds or that configured by the QHP in Analysis Settings is considered to be a Pause.

Can I only print one lead on the Report?

Yes. You can select the printing options for each ECG strip that goes on the report.

Is any filter applied to the signal?

Yes. Baseline filter (high pass 0.5Hz) and muscular filter (low pass 40Hz).

Can I change the default analysis settings?


Is there any tool or analysis of the Heart Rate Variability?

No, there is not.

Can I measure the ST segment or the QT interval?

Not automatically. You can print the ECG and measure it on the page using a ruler.

How is Heart Rate calculated?

By averaging the RR of the beats contained in non-overlapping windows of 10 seconds. is propriety of Nuubo.