Heart Monitoring has never been so


Your Doctor has requested ECG arrhythmia monitoring test for you. You will be using Nuubo System and we will help you to complete your exam.

In this test the device will record your ECG during the time you’re wearing it. The electrodes integrated into the textile will sense the ECG and transmit the signal to the recorder. At the end of the test the Doctor will analyze the data and create a test report.

Nuubo Home service will send you the device to your home, but we need you to complete the request form. Once you receive the device please watch the “start the test” video and if you have any questions contact us at any time. At the end of the monitoring, you can fill the pick-up form to decide when we can come to collect the device. We will send the data to your doctor and your doctor will share the report with you directly.

Start the test

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Once you have received the device watch the video and read the patient instructions before start using the product. 

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