Heart Monitoring has never been so


Lately, we have seen how reducing the number of visits to the health center is important to make our health system safer and more efficient. That is why we have launched our new Nuubo Home service, sending and collecting the medical device without the need to travel. Heart monitoring has never been so comfortable and easy for our patients and healthcare professionals.

STEP 1. Request the Test

Complete the form and we will take care of the complete test and send you the report.



STEP 2. We will call the patient

We will confirm the patient that we will take care of the test. We will arrange the device shipping and anything is needed to perform the test.

STEP 3. Monitoring Support

We will support the patient during the hook-up and we will provide the training to ensure the device is used correctly. At the end we will arrange a courier to get back the device.

STEP 4. Receive the Report

Once the test is completed we will send you the Test Report to the email you have provided. 

Request a Nuubo Test

IMPORTANT: Enroll the patients that you consider can perform the test remotely without direct assistence.   

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