Heart Monitoring has never been so


In recent years we have noticed the increase in tasks related to patient administration that have reduced the time available to dedicate to patient care.
That is why at Nuubo we provide a data analysis service that reduces report generation time and allows healthcare staff to optimize their time for patient care.

Full Data and Analysis

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STEP 1. Start the Monitoring

Setup the device and start the monitoring using Nuubo Leonardo.



STEP 2. Download the Data

At the end of monitoring, download the recorded data to the recorder and it will be automatically sent to the analysis center.

STEP 3. Receive the Analysis

Once the analysis has been performed it will automatically be synched with your database, so that you can open the analysis and check that it has been performed correctly.

STEP 4. Create the PDF Report

After reviewing the analysis you can automatically generate the report.

How it works?

Patient Experience

3 Min

In this video we would like to show you how the patient uses the device at home.

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