The first non-invasive


Cardiac Monitor

Nuubo is the first textile with integrated electrodes capable to record 2 ECG leads continuously for up to 30 days. Increase your patient’s satisfaction and compliance. Have more data to base your decisions on. Palpitations, Syncope, Cryptogenic Stroke are clinical indications where 30-day monitoring is recommended.

What is Nuubo

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The Technology

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Electrode Technology

  • No need for adhesives
  • No need for skin preparation
  • Pause and resume the monitoring at any time.

ECG Recorder

  • 2 ECG Leads continuously recording.
  • Data storage for 30 days.
  • Integrated accelerometer for activity monitoring

Algoritms & Test Report

  • Beat by Beat 30 days analysis.
  • 30 second AF detection algorithm.
  • Full episodes included in the report.

Clear & Complete Report

Full 30 days Report

  • Beat Morphologies
  • Atrial Fibrillation Burden
  • Complete Episodes
  • 2 ECG Leads

The Report

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Proven Clinical Benefits

Yield of atrial fibrillation detectionwith TextileWearable Holter from the acute phase of stroke: Pilot study of Crypto-AF registry

Jorge Pagola h, Jesus Juega h, Jaume Francisco-Pascual i, Angel Moya i, Mireia Sanchis h, Alejandro Bustamante j, Anna Penalba j, Maria Usero k, Elisa Cortijo k, Juan F. Arenillas k, Ana I. Calleja k, Maria Sandin-Fuentes l, Jeronimo Rubio l, Fernando Mancha m, Irene Escudero-Martinez m, Francisco Moniche m, Reyes de Torres m, Sara Eichau m, Carlos E. González-Matos m, Ángela Vega m, Alonso A. Pedrote n, Eduardo Arana-Rueda n, Joan Montaner j,m, Carlos A. Molina h, Marian Muchada h, David Rodriguez-Luna h, Noelia Rodriguez h, Estela Sanjuan h, Marta Rubiera h, Sandra Boned h, Marc Ribóh, Estefania Montiel h, Jose Beato-Coelho h, Teresa González Alujas o, Arturo Evangelista o

Patient's Compliance

146 out of 154 completed the prescribed 28-days monitoring. Only 8 patients did not complete the monitoring due to discomfort with the vest.


The diagnostic yield was 3 times higher with Nuubo. Longer monitoring time has higher a diagnostic yield. 

How it works?

Easy and simple, buy as many vests as you need.

Don’t worry about recorders and software.

Use our Nuubo Home patient support service free of charge.

Nuubo in Clinic

Hook up the patient, download the data, analyze the data and create the report all by yourself. You buy the vests and we will provide the recorders, software, and training. Take control of your data.

Nuubo HOME

Our Patient Support Service will take care of your patient. Request the patient monitoring online and we will provide the patient with all support she needs to complete the monitoring.

How it Works

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Coding & Reimbursement

New codes for the new Holter Generation.

Disclaimer: This information is provided only as a guide and is not intended to replace any official recommendations or guidelines, and does not constitute a promise or guarantee by Nuubo regarding coverage or payment. Always check with the patient’s insurance plan for the appropriate use of any CPT® procedure or ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes and additional requirements and guidance for coding, coverage, and payment.

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